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The Bavarian city of the governmental district of lower Franconia has, in spite of her 132,000 inhabitants, the romantic atmosphere of a provincial town. With its historical city centre, imposing church constructions, as well as a wide cultural assortment, the town offers to every traveller an unforgettable stay. You can find a suitable lodging in Würzburg arranged for your individual needs with only a few clicks here on gloveler.com. The town is divided into 13 town districts with the its 25 parts of town that run on both sides of the Main river. For travelers with limited sight, the city administration has developed something special. In front of some buildings, like the cathedral and the Residence, there are scannable models which enable people with limited sight to to feel the image of the building to get an idea of what it looks like.

We recommend you to visit Bamberg, Nürnberg or Rothenburg o.d. Tauber as well, as they are in close distance.

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Wuerzburg sightseeing

Castle Marienberg
The fortress which was already used in Celtic times as a castle for retreat lies on a mountain tongue on the left side of the river Main. On its grounds the time of the German Peasants` Wars is documented. In 1990 the green arrangements were renewed in the course of the province-wide horticultural show. The gardens surround the oldest still preserved castle parts from the year 704.
With a total length of 105 meters the Saint Kiliansdome Wurzburg is the fourth-biggest Romanesque church building of Germany. The cathedral at the feet of the old Main bridge rises high above the roofs of Wurzburg. Those parts of the cathedral, which had been destroyed in the Second World War, were rebuilt in 1967, letting the dome appear in new splendor.
Würzburg Residence
The former residence of the Würzburg bishops is one of the most important baroque palaces in Europe and today it is on UNESCO's World Cultural Heritage list. It has been carefully restored, after being damaged in World War Two. Some call it the Versailles of Germany.
Pilgrimage Church of Mary's Visitation
The pilgrimage church "Mariä Heimsuchung" (Mary's Visitation), known under the popular name "Käppele" was established in 1748 by Balthasar Neumann. The ensemble from church and cross way, embedded in the vineyard scenery, counts as a significant jewel of the late baroque. The station way is biggest of its kind in Germany.
Chapel of Mary
The "Marienkapelle" (Chapel of Mary) is a Gothic church construction at the lower market. Start of construction work was 1377, the construction time amounted to about 100 years. The building burned out completely with the bombardment of Wurzburg and its interior is of modern design nowadays. Special pieces of art are Adam and Eva in the market main entrance (1498), the tomb of knight Konrad von Schaumberg, figures of 12 apostles, John the Baptist, Jesus and the relic bust of the Aquilin, the only saint born in Wurzburg. Furthermore remarkable are the graves of important Würzburger citizen, among others from Balthasar Neumann.

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